Serbia expects big investments in RES projects, private and state funded initiatives to be supported by energy ministry

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Serbia expects 2 billion worth investments in the use of renewable sources in the next seven years, Dejan Trifunovic, Deputy Minister of Energy declared at discussion about renewable sources held in Belgrade, on 6 February. Serbia should provide 1.092 MW of capacity from renewable sources in order to accomplish the goal, and the goal is to manufacture 27% of total consumption from renewable sources.

“This goal was supposed to be accomplished with National Action Plan for Renewable Resources that suggested the construction of wind power plants 500 MW strong, big and small hydro power plants 200 MW strong, biomass power plants 100 MW strong and 92 MW from other resources”, Trifunovic said.

This plan that suppose to be adopted in a month, presents the signal for investors that there is good will to make new manufacture capacities in the next seven years, Trifunovic stressed.

He reminded that Serbia took over the responsibility to increase renewable sources participation in energy consumption in total amount of 21,2% to 27%.

Trifunovic emphasized that the new capacities for energy production from renewable sources will stabilize energy system engage domestic industry and prevent ecological problems.

He said that new legal and regulative frame for investments in renewable energy sources has been set and now the phase of investments follows.

“We expect 500 MW from renewable sources until the end of 2015”, Trifunovic said.

2015 will be the first checkpoint for success and effects of regulative measures for bigger consumption of renewable energy sources, he added.

Trifunovic said that public call for assigning of 317 locations for small HPPs’ construction in Serbia is made in cooperation with 17 municipalities and it will be published soon.Investors will have 6 months deadline to declare about investments, he added.

He reminded that government made a decision for stimulating prices (feed in tariffs) of renewable sources’ electricity buyout that was enforced on 4 February.

According to the order, households will be stimulated to set solar panels at buildings’ roofs. New prices will be applied since 1 January 2014.

Stimulating period is 12 years, and supplier will be obligated to buy out electricity from manufacturer at market prices after this period.

Trifunovic said that plan of Ministry is to stimulate local communities to became the owners of wind parks for electricity production according to German model.

Model for renewable sources electricity buyout for privileged manufacturer will be brought until the end of February what completes the buyout of electricity from renewable sources, he announced.

Very important move towards investors has been made and we expect the first results at the end of this year, Deputy Minister of Energy Dejan Trifunovic stressed.

Coordinator for investments and exploitation in the Company “EPS Obnovljivi izvori energije” Milutin Prodanovic said that company plans renewal of 15 small HPPs and construction of 8 what is financed by credit from European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

“The construction of 30 MW wind park near Kostolac and 5 MW solar plant in Cajetina municipality are also being worked on”, Prodanovic added.

Representatives of USA Embassy in Belgrade and Company “General electric” estimated that it is good that Serbia improved in making orders for stimulating the use of renewable energy sources, but they also mentioned the 500 MW limit for subsidizing electricity, produced from wind energy.

If the limit for WPP is not increased, Serbia won’t be able to accomplish manufacture of 27% renewable sources energy until 2020.

Source Serbia Energy/Agencies/MERZ