Serbia: FGD project starts along with revitalization of the unit B1 in TPP “Kostolac B”, CMEC China leads project

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Preparations for the revitalization of the unit B1 in TPP “Kostolac B”, capital investment project of the first phase of the ” Chinese” loan,  are coming to an end. The preparations for the start of desulphurization system construction have been done alongside. The equipment of contractors companies arrives and installation work of necessary machinery and ancillary facilities for labor have been started.

At the construction site, according assessments will be more than 1.000 employees of companies that have been engaged at two large construction sites. Experiences from the revitalization of the unit B2 are valuable, so it is expected effective start and conditions provision for the equipment transport to the factory processing.

According the final works plan, the unit’ operation will be stopped on 1st March and during the next nine months Kostolac will get practically new unit with the same characteristics as the unit B2. The important ventures will follow at the generator plant, primarily it will be done turbine repair with the replacement of the complete turbine spade apparatus.All the work should be completed from 1stMarch to 1stDecember and at that time will be carried out reconstruction of the turbine control system and turbine bypass of high pressure. There alsowill be done a major generator overhaul with factory rotor repair. Three generating stations will be replaced by the new, modernized stations. Heaters of high and low pressure will be replaced and major overhaul of turbine condenser and factory repair of cooling water circulating pumps will be also done. The aim of this work is to reach the nominal power of unitB1 of 350 MW, then to increase the efficiency, facilities availability and to extend the turbine equipment life. “Alstom” will take work on a turbine, as well on the unit B2. No less important works will follow on the boiler plant where the most important tasks will do partner from China, the company CMEC.

Source; Serbia Energy

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