Serbia: Fintel Italy locks loan for its wind farm

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Italian company for the production of energy from renewable energy sources Fintel Energy Group provided a loan of 14.5 million euros for the completion of the plant in Kula .The plant will be of 9.9 MW electrical power.

Wind farm in Kula, in Vojvodina, consisting of three wind turbines, individual power of 3.3 MW, should be fully operational in December this year – this has been announced by company Fintel, with headquarters in the Italian city Polenci.

The loan is secured by Erste Bank and has a repayment period of 12 years.

The company Fintel also builds wind farm in Vrsac, also in Vojvodina, having  the total power of 6.6 MW.

The company MK-Fintel vind, whose co-owners are  Fintel and Serbian company MK Group, plans  building of a wind farm in the municipality of Veliko Gradiste.

Source; Serbia Energy

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