Serbia: Four energy-related laws adopted

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The proposals of four laws – the Law on Mining and Geological Research, the Law on Energy, the Law on Energy Efficiency and Rational Use of Energy and the Law on Renewable Energy Sources were adopted by the Government of Serbia.

Minister of Mining and Energy Zorana Mihajlovic said earlier that the goal of Serbia is that by 2040, at least 40 % of energy comes from renewable sources. According to her, the new laws make it possible because they open the door to large investors to invest in Serbia together with public companies, and to all citizens, in addition to being consumers, to become energy producers, to install solar panels in their homes, but also to introduce energy efficiency measures in their homes and make their electricity and heating bills lower. She added that it is especially important to adopt the law on renewable energy sources, which represent the future in the field of energy. It is necessary, not only to build new hydropower plants, but also to have more wind and solar power plants, but also to use more biomass in heating plants, which is abundant in Serbia. The new laws are the basis for the development and creation of new jobs, but also that it will enable Serbia to embark on the path of climate-neutral development and green energy, given that energy from thermal power plants will be increasingly expensive in the future, Minister Mihajlovic concluded.