Serbia: From the Supervisory Board Meeting of Power utility EPS, Financing follows the production, the report

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It is expected that the whole system of EPS will achieve the profit of about 19 billion dinars in the consolidated financial report – It has been established that the disparity of the procedures for receiving and resolving the customer complaints represents a specific problem.

Supervisory Board Meeting of PE “Electric Power Industry of Serbia“ at the meeting held on 27th February adopted the decisions on amendments to the asset and liability of EPS for 2013, as well as the amendment to the inventory report for 2013 of the company “EPS Supply”. At the meeting which was chaired by Prof. Dr. Aca Marković, president of Supervisory Board (SB) of EPS, the decisions on the establishment of the financial reports of EPS and the company “EPS Supply” for 2013 were also adopted. The meeting was attended by Aleksandar Obradović, the acting director of EPS and members of  EPS management.

At the meeting of SB it was pointed out that the the successful business performance in 2013 is followed by the financial results of the company, and it is expected that in the consolidated financial report for the entire system of EPS, the profit will reach about 19 ​​billion dinars.

Analysis of the complaints to the bills for electricity for the past three years was presented to the members. As  Željko Marković, acting director of the company “EPS Supply“ and the manager of the EPS Department for Electricity Distribution,explained  it was noticed that the number of complaints had increased in January, February and December, when a higher consumption was recorded, but that an unusually large number of customer complaints were registered for the bills from December 2013.

– Annualy observed, the number of complaints in 2011 is only 0.80 % of total number of customers, in 2012 that percentage is 0.77 %, while in 2013 it amounted to 0.86 % – said Mr Marković. – According to the samples, on average, 35 % of the complaints is related to the amount of the bills, 40 % to read meter statements, while 25 % to the other complaints. Usually, about 60 % of complaints are justified, but in the case of December bills, 52.97%  was justified. Analysis has shown that  errors in reading, increased consumption, as well as a longer calculating period which caused bigger bills, were the reasons for the bigger number of complaints to December bills.

Nevertheless, the analysis showed that the specific problem is a disparity of the procedures for receiving and resolving customer complaints, and it also leads to different data for the distribution company.

– EPS must do everything that is necessary in order to provide the same conditions for  all the customers in Serbia  and to make sure that there is no difference if someone wants to file a complaint or to do anything else in electric utilities in Vranje or Belgrade- said Aleksandar Obradović, acting director of EPS. –  Articles of Association of PE EPS was adopted by the Government of Serbia, amendments to the founding acts of PE were prepared, which will be submitted to the Supervisory Board, and then, the conditions for the reorganization and the introduction of the equal procedures into the entire system are created.

During the meeting it was mentioned that the initiative for the change of the Tariff system, which has been valid for more then 10 years, should be taken soon. It was also mentioned that the Government of Serbia today will make a decision on the extension of the reserve supply for those customers who are obliged to implement public procurements of electricity and companies in bankruptcy and under reorganization.

Source; Serbia Energy