Serbia; Fuel price increase trend in Serbia and SEE region

2. August 2013. / News Serbia Energy

Average fuel price in region is 1,38 euro cents, what means that Serbia follows prices of its neighbors.
Oil price on London and American stock market has increased again yesterday and price jump is a consequence of big purchase of black gold. And so American light oil price increased by 13 cents to 107,07 dollars for a barrel (barrel of 159 l) while barrel of north American oil with “brent” type on stock market in London has increased its value for 20 euro cents to 108, 35 dollars- agencies report.

Raw oil price increase spread at Serbian market, and to the whole region, too. Price of almost all derivates increased during the last 10 days- it is said in Associations for Oil Companies in Serbia.

Price increase in a consequence of referent prices’ increase on stock market that are used in trade of oil derivates in Serbia- UNKS explains and adds that price of fuel BMB 95 in Serbia increased by 0,45 dinars, Evrodizel by 1,13 EUR, BMB 98 by 2,73, Dizel D2 by 1,14 and liquid oil gas by 0,75 dinars.
Evropremium BMB 95 cost 149,32 dinars on Serbian gas stations after the newest price correction, Evrodizel 150,34, Evro BMB 98 171,41, Dizel D2 149 and TNG 71,43 dinars.

Cheaper diesel than in Serbia can be found in Macedonia, BiH, Albania, Montenegro and Croatia while fuel is cheapest in Albania, Macedonia and BiH. Average fuel price and price of diesel in region is 1,38 euro cents what means that Serbia follows the prices of its neighbors.

Source; Serbia Energy

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