Serbia: Gas company Srbijagas failed unbundling raise discussion, unbundled holding?

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State owned gas company Srbijagas announced that the unbundling of the activities of the company is a process already ongoing, and that of 2007. This statement collide with Energy Community statement on Serbia failure to complete the gas market liberalization process.

On the occasion of statements by officials of the European Energy Community that the unbundling within Srbijagas is the official requirement of the European Commission for further negotiations on Serbia accession to the EU, Srbijagas announced that everything was ready for this process and it would begin as soon as the Government of Serbia adopted the final act, and it is expected to happen these days.

From Srbijagas remind that a meeting on the Srbijagas reorganization was held at the headquarters of the EU Delegation to Serbia on August 27th, at which the concept model of unbundling has been exposed in detail, based on the principle of legal separation of energy activities.
Thereby the distinct legal persons within the holding company have been formed, who own assets and dispose of the property for business purposes, by which it is completely achieved compliance with the Third energy package of the EU directive, according to the Srbijagas.

They add that the time frame of this process implementation fully meets the terms of the Ministerial Council, at which refers Mr. Kopac.
“A complete methods and timeframes description required for unbundling was submitted after the meeting to the European Commission and the Energy Community. Until today Srbijagas has not received any negative interpretation of the proposed concept”, writes in the statement.
Srbijagas states that the adopted model of reorganization based on the holding company under the umbrella of the unbundling, is the only viable approach for Srbijagas, in the absence of developed gas infrastructure – only one direction of supply, thereby preserving the supply security and energy security of Serbia.

“Ultimately, that Serbia is not the only one who wants to apply this approach, the proof is Finland, which is as an EU member state and whose the energy infrastructure situation is almost identical to Serbia and its status of  unimplemented third package is not a case of violation of European law”, say in Srbijagas.