Serbia: Gas market boost by South Stream, gas fired power gen and storage projects to follow

12. June 2013. / News Serbia Energy

Construction of South Stream, gas fired power gen plants, development and expansion of gas storages in Serbia are the base for development of Serbian industry- it was said at the meeting “Gas 2013”.

Serbia can expect at least 200 million EUR from gas transit in Serbian Sector of South Stream, 422,2 km long and it will have additional income from gas transit to the braches for Croatia and Republika Srpska, around 160 km long- gas expert, Nenad Djajic, said.

Huge number of workers, 2.000 to 3.000, can be employed in construction of this sector which should begin by the end of this year- Djajic added. This pipeline will enable development of gas plants where the first one can be built in Pancevo in cooperation of Srbijagas with NIS- he said and stressed that these facilities are offering the highest degree of gas use.

He reminded that Serbia has already finished South Stream spatial plan for special intentions and special law for South Stream which will accelerate works on this project and he added that finalization of the project is expected during June.

Total capacity of pipeline is around 63 billion cubic a year and the length of this sector is 422,4 km from the start point on the border with Bulgaria near Zajecar to Hungarian border near Backi Breg.

Executive Director of the Company “Podzemno skladiste gasa Banatski Dvor” (underground gas storage Banatski Dvor), Sasa Ilis has stressed the significance of this project for energy safety of Serbia. He emphasized that the first warehouse year has been finished successfully and it lasted from 1 April last year until 1 April this year and he stressed that 360 million cubic meters were put into storage from 18 production drillings with highest daily production of 1,5 million cubic and that gas was used if necessary in total amount of 200 million cubic.

Further development of Banatski Dvor storage will depend on needs from Serbian market and it will share its destiny with Serbian industry- Ilic stressed and added that if it comes to development and enforcement of Serbian industrial sector, Banatski Dvor will expand also because there is a potential for it.

Expansion of underground warehouses is very important because of future development of renewable energy sources- he said and explained that electricity production from gas is the easiest way to fulfill required amounts of electricity when electricity from renewable sources, wind, sun and similar is lacking.

Source; Serbia Energy conference report

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