Serbia: Gazprom NIS starts construction of new 140MW CHP plant to be commissioned in 2018

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GazpromNeft NIS oil company plans to start of construction of the new gas power plant for combined production of heat and electricity is planned in summer 2016, with commissioning expected in the second half of 2018. This will be the first combined power plant in Serbia.

In June last year NIS and OAD Centrenergoholding signed a contract to establish a company which will implement energy projects in Serbia, including the project of the thermal power plant in Pancevo, with a capacity of 140 MWe, and the possibility to expand to 190 MWe.

The project of construction will be implemented by the project company TE-TO Pancevo. The technology of steam-gas cycle, which will be used in this cogeneration plant, providing high fuel efficiency in this case the fuel being natural gas, and it is the most economical and environmentally the most efficient solution.

The thermal power plant will supply heat and electricity to the refinery in Pancevo, and excess electricity will be sold in  Serbian market.

The new plant will have an efficiency of electricity production in cogeneration level of up to 67 percent. The power plant will meet all regulations of the EU and Serbia. It will produce 910 GWh of electricity, out of which 630 GWh wil be delivered to the electric power system. The production of thermal energy will amount to 840 GWh.

The pre-qualification invitation to potential contractors was published on December 16, on the website of NIS. The deadline for submission of bids expires on January 25.

After that, three to five companies will be selected that meet the requirements of the competition, on the basis of experience in the implementation of projects according to the principle of “turnkey” and experience in the maintenance of gas-turbine plants and financial capabilities.

The selected companies will be invited to submit technical and commercial offers and contracting the best bidder is expected in June 2016.

The plant will be built in phases. In the first phase, which is the subject of the tender, a power plant with capacity of 140 Mwe will be built. The second phase will be implemented if agreed upon delivery of thermal energy for Petrohemija, Azotara and the district heating system in Pancevo, transmits

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