Serbia: Gazprom to invest 160MEUR in wind electricity generation, SEWEA members delayed in their projects

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GazpromNeft Oil company NIS and the private company “Energowind” plan construction of 34 wind turbines whose electricity will take over the EPS networks.With the completion of the wind park “Plandiste” planned for the second half of next year, about 250 gigawatt -hours of “green electricity ” will be got, which corresponds to the annual electricity consumption of approximately 42,000 average households in Serbia.

After more than two decades and a half Serbia so, after completion of work worth 160 MEUR, which do together Petroleum Industry of Serbia and the private company “Energowind “,  will get the first electro- energetic facility , since for so long any big capacity was not built in our country.

It has to do with 34 wind generators whose electricity will take over distribution networks of Serbian Power utility Company. Electricity from renewable energy sources, particularly wind, positively affects the energy security of Serbia. From the NIS funds for this project will be allocated 23 MEUR, while the remaining funds will be provided by bank loans.

Starting of this wind park will depend on when a contract on electricity purchase produced from wind will be signed, and it should be mentioned, according to the NIS, that Serbia by 2020. needs to increase the energy share from renewable sources  from 21 to 27 percent of the total consumption volume.

Wind parks take a minimum of space per unit of installed capacity, so for the installed capacity of 102 megawatts from wind energy, it is necessary to occupy 1, 5 hectares. For the same installed capacity of, for example, solar energy, it would be necessary to install solar panels on 200 hectares of land.

Start of first wind parks construction could provide in the next few years the production of 10 percent of the total energy needs of the country, according to the Serbian Wind Energy Association (SEWEA).

In this association there is still hope of beginning the first wind park construction in the fourth quarter of this year, what depends on whether the banks will be satisfied with the contract on the electricity purchase adopted by the Ministry, the amendments to the Energy Law and accompanying regulations related to the power plants connection.

Members of this association want to build wind parks of 1,000 megawatts in Serbia in the next three to five years (currently are in development the projects of a capacity of about 700 MW ) , which would mean an investment of more than one billion EUR.

In energy sense, the greatest significance of wind parks  is  that even 70 percent of the electricity is produced in the winter months when energy is most needed in Serbia and when imports is the most expensive .

Serbia has significant potential in the sector of wind energy, which is the largest in the South Banat and in the eastern part of the country, but is at the very end of Europe, as a country in which still not a single megawatt of electricity is produced from wind.

In the region the maximum electricity from wind energy get Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary and Croatia, while Montenegro has projects for wind parks that have started construction.

Source; Serbia Energy

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