Serbia: GazpromNeft begins electricity trading in the region of SEE

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Petroleum Industry of Serbia (NIS), which is owned by GazpromNeft, plans to develop the electricity trading in the neighboring countries in 2015th. NIS invested more than 10 MEUR in 2014th in the development of the energy sector.

The obtaining licenses for the electricity trading in the NIS’s subsidiaries outside Serbia are underway, which will provide access to new markets and expand the partners’ network.

Plan of the NIS Company is to continue with projects in the energy sector during 2015th, among the key energy projects in NIS are the electricity production and sale.

Early next year, two more small power plants of NIS will start with the work, on the oil fields of Sirakovo and Velebit, with the total power of 4.3 megawatts (MW), as well as power plants on gas field of Ostrovo whose strength will be 4.5 MW. The total electricity production of 16 MW will be achieved by this.

Also, the plan is to start the compressed gas retail early next year at the gas station Novi Sad 10.

NIS recalls that during this year it has put into operation four small power plants that produce electricity from gas and now it has a total of seven.

Manufacturing of electrical energy reached 7.3 megawatts (MW), enough to supply more than 1,000 households with electricity.

NIS also started to sell electricity and by this, with the Electric Power Industry of Serbia, has become the only manufacturer in Serbia, which supplies electricity to the free market.