Serbia: GazpromNeft NIS investments in cogeneration projects

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Within the energy and ecology fair Ecofair in Belgrade, Serbian oil company NIS presented its innovative cogeneration projects.

According to the presentation, NIS, under its Energetika division, is developing a special program for the production of electricity and heat in gas-fueled power plants. These plants use gas of poor quality, while thermal energy obtained this way is used for the needs of the infrastructure on oil and gas fields in Serbia. Produced electricity is supplied to customers or it is used to cover internal consumption.

Since 2013, NIS has put into operation 13 small gas-fueled power plants at its oil and gas fields in Serbia, and its investments in this segment of business exceeded 15 million euros. Total installed capacity amounts to 11.6 MW, which is sufficient to supply electricity to 10,000 average households. In addition to electricity, NIS’ small power plants also produce heat, with a total of 2 MW of installed capacity.