Serbia: GE to upgrade EPS’ Nikola Tesla thermal power plant in Serbia

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GE’s Power Services has signed an agreement to help upgrade Elektro Privreda Srbije’s (EPS) TTP Nikola Tesla power plant in Serbia.

The largest coal-fired power plant in Serbia, the Nikola Tesla facility comprises two, 210MW LMZ steam turbines and four (A3-A6), 308MW GE units.

GE expects the steam turbine upgrade program to help increase unit output by approximately 24MW, increase heat rate, reduce operational and maintenance costs and lower carbon footprint at the power plant.

Elektroprivreda Srbije JP EPS production executive Savo Bezmarevic said: “We need our assets to operate at the highest availability, efficiency and reliability levels as possible, as it is crucial for Serbia to have a secure energy supply.”

Under the agreement, GE will provide a steam turbine full shaft line retrofit solution for high-pressure, intermediate-pressure and low-pressure turbine modules.

The firm will also provide a new turbine governing controller system, an advanced 3-D blades, new rotors, rotary blades, stationary blades, inner and outer casings and other associated parts.

Additionally, GE will install and commission WT23S-106 generator unit at Nikola Tesla B2 site in order to help improve availability.

Elektroprivreda Srbije JP general manager Milorad Grcic said: “EPS will continue with modernizations and revitalizations to secure a stable power supply, which is in line with the government’s strategy to bring a more modern and efficient electric power system to Serbia.

“The steam turbine retrofit will give a new lifetime cycle after 250,000 operating hours and increase power output by 24MW.”

GE plans to commence steam turbine retrofit in May 2017. The upgraded unit is scheduled to be commissioned in October 2017.

Serbia generates 70% of its total electricity from coal while the remaining approximately 30% is produced in large hydropower plants.

Source: energy business review