Serbia: Gen-I electricity trader holds 3% of Serbian electricity market

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Slovenian Gen-I, beside the UK Swiss EFT is the most active electricity trader in South East Europe. Serbia liberalized fully its power market but the current state owned power utility company EPS prices are below the market expectations. GEN-I advantage in the regional market lies in cheaper electricity coming from NPP Krsko claim many local experts.

Slovenian Gen-I sold 230 GWh of electricity in Serbia last year with profit of 210.7 MEUR, said Dejan Paravan from Gen-I.

Paravan added that they expect lower revenues this year. Gen-I Belgrade, as the first company that has entered the segment of the electricity supply industry, currently supply 12 customers, including five customers that won in competitions and had a market share of 3% in 2014th. Paravan adds that industrial customers are reluctant to change suppliers and that it will be a difficult challenge to prepare them to be actively engaged. Gen-I does not intend to engage in the recently liberalized market to supply households in that country.

At the end of 2013th, EPS had 3.62 million customers at low voltage and 4,757 in medium and high voltage. By June 2014th, two customers directly connected to the transmission system and 300 connected to the distribution network had changed the supplier, according to the Energy Community.

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