Serbia: German “Quartzwerke” completes acquisition of 5mines “Jugo-Kaolin”

17. July 2013. / News Serbia Energy

German Company “Quartzwerke” has finished a process of taking over a subsidiary company in Serbia- “Jugo-Kaolin”. Director of “Jugo-Kaolin”, Nebojsa Ilincic estimated that this strategic investment “Quartzwerke” in Balkan region.

5 mines from the company “Kopovi UB” works in the scope of “Jugo-Kaolin” where around 300 workers is working at the moment (4 open pits for exploitation of quartz sand and one pit of ceramic glay), as well as mines of quartz sand “Belorecki pescar” near Bor and “Srbokvarc” near Zajecar.

The goal of the company is business development in Serbia and I’m sure that we will achieve record results contributing to our company and the whole country- Jugokaolin CEO Ilincic said.

He reminded that reserves and quality of quartz sand that Serbia disposes in very high level and that they represent a chance for the country to become European leader in glass production and significant exporter of raw materials and arrival of “Quartzwerke” to Serbia proves it.

“Quartzwerke” is the company with 129 years of experience in exploitation, processing and reconstruction of industrial materials.

Company’s primary interest is exploitation, procession and reconstruction of industrial materials like quartz, kaolin, feldspar, wollastonite and mice.

Source;Serbia Energy

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