Serbia gets 317 small HPPs, value of 500MEUR investments underway

29. May 2013. / News Serbia Energy

Minister of Energy, Zorana Mihajlovic, has delivered an agreement for mutual cooperation to presidents of 17 municipalities and cities.

This agreement refers to issuance of energy licenses for construction of small HPPs on 317 locations.

Estimated values of investments for all 317 locations is around 500 million EUR where 300 million EUR will be in municipalities that are undeveloped- Mihajlovic said on press conference after handing the Agreement for Mutual Cooperation and Procedure of Informing domestic and foreign persons interested in energy license i.e. approval issuance.

She said that public call that Ministry sent to the interested in construction have succeeded and added that there were 1.400 applications in total.

“Serbia will have 317 of constructed small HPPs with 100 MW of strength and 400 GWH of electricity”, Minister explained.

This will also approve 1.000 of new work places, according to her words and considering that it will launch domestic industry, construction and all other areas inside the country, we can talk about tens of new work places.

She stated that she will have the total list of all people who got possibility to have energy license and to construct small HPPs.

As she said, there are more than 900 locations for small HPPs in Serbia but they had full documentation for only these 317 at the moment of public call announcement. They added that there will be more public calls.

The most applications were for Tutin, where 133 applications arrived for 57 locations what tells us that investors are very interested and there must be some competition, Mihajlovic believes.

This is, according to her opinion, good for decrease of regional differences which are huge because 9 of 17 municipalities are undeveloped and there are about 200 locations there.

President of Ivanjica municipality, Milomir Zoric said that 340 potential investors applied for 46 locations.

“We expect that construction and employment in Ivanjica will be launched, especially that potential investors who got energy license will conclude contracts for Ivanjica municipality so this system remain sustainable and local community has some benefits like water from this resources”, Zoric added.

President of Tutin municipality, Semsudin Kucevic stated that there are already 64 small HPPs in this municipality which shows how much the renewable energy for this region is significant.

“We are preparing for the second step if we get licenses for electricity export as small municipalities from the Ministry. These licenses will base its development on renewable energy sources and we have a construction of solar plant for 15MW in plan”, Kucevic added.

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