Serbia gets first biomass plant in operation since autumn 2013

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First thermal biomass power plant in Vojvodina which will use biomass as fuel will be put in operation in Bač municipality in the fall, confirmed Parliament President Dragan Medić.

“Private investor from Slovakia, who should invest 70.000 Euros for the beginning of basic object’s works, will build thermal power plant”, Medić said.

He expects that TPP will give first electricity kilowatts in autumn this year.

Medic says that TPP will employ 70 workers in the first phase and that 200 workers will be employed upon completion.

“Behind hiring people, TPP will bring great benefit to 2.000 of small households in municipality mostly, which will produce biomass and sell it to TPP in affordable price”, Medić said.

He highlights that Bač municipality will lease 100 hectares of state-owned land on best possible conditions.

Source Serbia Energy Magazine