Serbia gets its first operating 1.6MW biomass power plant, 20MEUR for biomass park

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Next year Čajetina should get the first power plant with 1.6 MW power, which will use biomass and solid organic waste. The power plant, which will be one of six in the future energy park, will be built in the industrial zone Braneško field near Zlatibor.

Investor, the Slovenian company Eco-poslovi, has signed an agreement with representatives of Cajetina municipality and company Onyx, which will lease its office space and land. The value of the overall investment in the park, which will be implemented in phases, is about 20 million.

– The first power plant will cost 2.6 to 2.8 million Euros and it will take nine months from the start of its construction to complete it. It will be the most modern power plant, like those existing in Germany and the UK, which will fully meet the most stringent environmental standards. In addition to biomass it will use solid organic waste, and use the gasification of wood, but without the smoke gases – said Milos Karaović, chief engineer in the Slovenian company Eco-poslovi. He added that initially they will employ 25 to 35 workers who will work in the production of energy, but it will take another 30 to 40 people who will be involved in the collection of raw materials needed to fuel. Karaović explained that the energy park consisting of six power plants will have a total capacity of 9.6 megawatts.

Pointing out that in the development strategy for Cajetina, a part of the industrial zone Braneško is planned to be used for production facilities, mayor Milan Stamatović said that investment in renewable energy is also in accordance with the document.

– Production with no harmful ingredients and no dirty technology, which is what the local government required from the investor and the owner of the plant in Braneško field – Stamatović said, adding that the municipality will support the project by participating in the preparation of planning documents, providing the necessary infrastructure and everything else that is needed. “Investors have partners in us, and we will try to help them promptly obtain all necessary permits, which are the responsibility of local government,” said the President of Čajetina municipality.

Source Serbia Energy Magazine