Serbia: Giant comes, German RWE buys EPS?

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One of the leading electricity producer in Europe interested in “Electric Power Industry” German company RWE, one of the leading electricity producer in Europe, is interested to buy the “Electric Power Industry of Serbia” (EPS).

– RWEwill pay a few billion EUR for this Serbian company. If it comes to the EPS privatization, Serbia would ensure the energy security because our energy system would become part of t Europe energy system over RWE – said the source for “Kurir”daily

That Serbia would benefit from cooperation of EPS and RWE, also considersthe Energy Minister Aleksandar Antic:

– The Government’s policy is to stabilize the EPS system by introducing a strategic partner who would be minor and would ensure full security of our energy system. That is the plan for the time ahead of us because by then EPS must be restructured and must become a limited companyin compliance with the law. If such an interest exists, it would be a good signal for Serbia, given that what is the future of our energy system, which is the economybackbone.

Partnership with RWE would provide us new technologies and a whole set of things that we need to be able to say that we have a secure energy system – says Antic for Kurir and adds that, although it has been working on EPSrestructuring, it requires more steps to lead EPSto a situation that may require a strategic partner.

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