Serbia: Good November’s production of Danube HPPs, both” Djerdap” produced more than planned

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Danube hydro power plants “Djerdap1” and ”Djerdap 2” successfully take advantage of favorable flows of large river during the past month. Both plants have significantly exceeded November’s production plans, ”HPP Djerdap 2” for 29 and” HPP Djerdap 1”even for 39 percent.

Instead of the planned 328 million our biggest HPP has produced nearly 455 million kilowatt-hours. Thanks to this result it has increased this year’s production balance on 5 billion and 165 million kWh, which is for four percent over the so-called dynamic plan for 11 months.

Besides, by using favorable Danube flow for this time of year of about 6.000 cubic meters of water per second, it continues with good, over season daily production of about 18 million kWh. Now it is certain, as pointed out Milos Martinovic, a leading energy technician in the Dispatcher service that Danube firstling will fulfill this year’s plan about twenty days before the deadline.

Unlike HPP “Djerdap 1″, the second Danube HPP ” Djerdap 2″ will not surpass this year’s planning obligations despite the fact that last month recorded a good production, higher than planned. So the last month has produced nearly 30 million kWh over the plan. Besides, as the HPP ‘‘Djerdap 1” it continues rationally to use favorable flow of the Danube. The result is over planned daily production of 4.4 million kWh. But despite that it will not succeed to surpass planning obligations, but it will be much closer to the implementation of the annual production plan of 100 percent. In this way, it will largely compensate the shortfall in production, which caused major flooding waters in the spring.

Source; Serbia Energy/EPS

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