Serbia: Gov introduced bylaws to boost RES energy projects

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With the adoption of new regulations in renewable energy sector, the Serbian Government removed all obstacles for investments in ―green energy‖ in Serbia. In 2017, the construction of several facilities for electricity production from renewable energy sources (RES) in Kovin, Kovacica, Plandiste and Vrsac is planned.

The Serbian Government has adopted by-laws which allow investors to build wind farms in Serbia. Although it should have been adopted a year and a half ago, the Regulation on privileged producers of electricity from renewable sources stipulates agreements between power utility EPS and the investors, but also with banks which will finance the construction.

These regulations could provide over a billion euros of foreign investments for Serbia. Among the first will be the construction of 158 MW Cibuk wind farm near Kovin, a project worth 290 million euros which is planned for spring 2017. However, foreign banks still have to decide whether they will finance these projects in Serbia, but various financial institutions, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and the US Investment Fund were the most prominent advocates of the adoption of these regulations.

Total capacity of 500 MW was booked by several companies at 15 locations. Serbian oil company NIS with Energowind has booked 102 MW for wind farm in Plandiste, ElectraWinds K-Wind plans to build 105 MW wind farm in Kovacica, while MK Fintel Wind, a joint venture of Italian company Fintel Energy and Serbian MK Group, has booked a total of 83 MW at three locations, which include already built wind farms in Kula and La Piccolina near Vrsac, transmits