Serbia: Government and IMF did not discuss electricity price hike

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According to Serbian media, in the talks between the Government of Serbia and the International Monetary Fund (IMF), which started last Friday, there was no mention of increasing electricity pric-es for any category of consumers, while state-owned power electricity did not file a request for price increase.

However, since the talks are planned to last for the next two weeks, the issue of electricity prices in Serbia may come to the agenda after all, especially within the recommended program of EPS restructuring. The recommendation is not mandatory and would have to file a request which has to be approved by the Serbian Energy Agency (AERS).

Last week, media reported that the IMF will most likely recommend that the price of electricity in Serbia should be increased by up to 5 % this summer, because the World Bank‘s analysis for 2018 has shown that the price of electricity in Serbia is among the lowest in Europe.