Serbia, Government has simplified prosumer procedures

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Serbian Ministry of Mining and Energy announced that a decree on criteria, conditions and manner of calculation of receivables and obligations between electricity prosumers and suppliers was adopted by the Government.

The procedure by which citizens can become prosumers is significantly simplified, because the procurement of solar panels can now be completed in just one step, while previously it was necessary to complete a number of administrative procedures, and the procedure took longer than six months.

The new decree enables that there is no contact with the state administration and that location permit, construction permit and an approval for installation and trial work are not required any more. The only step that, according to this regulation, citizens should take after the purchase and installation of the panel is to contact the supplier, after which they will be connected to the network.

After that all prosumers will receive a two-way meter, which means that they will hand over all produced electricity to the network, and at the end of the month the difference can be seen, so if they produced more than they consumed, they will transfer that amount to the next month

In related news, the Ministry announced that the tender for subsidizing the installation of solar panels at residential building will be launched on 3 September.