Serbia: Guarantees of origin trading platform

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AIB Hub is the European Association of Issuing Bodies and it is a unique association in Europe which secures GO quality and gathers 25 countries from across Europe; AIB’s members are the competent bodies for the administration of guarantee of origin schemes in 25 countries (EU, EEA and Energy Community member states).

Serbian electricity transmission system operator and issuer of guarantees of origin EMS announced that it has joined the AIB Hub, where guarantees of origin (GOs) produced in Serbia can be exported to other registers across Europe, but also opens the possibility of importing GOs from Europe to Serbia. Three more countries are likely to join by the end of 2020. In order to further facilitate this, the AIB operates an inter-registry communications hub called AIB Hub.

All guarantees of origin issued must comply with EECS – European Energy Certificate System. EECS is based on structures and procedures which ensure the reliable operation of energy certificate schemes in Europe. These schemes satisfy the criteria of objectivity, non-discrimination, transparency and costs effectiveness, in order to facilitate the international exchange of guarantees of origin. Marko Zaric, head of Balance Responsibility and Balancing Market Administration Unit responsible for connection with AIB, said that EMS has been participating in the work of AIB since 2015, actively collecting the knowledge it needs to establish a system that was very little known in Serbia at the time. From year to year, it was slowly approaching the ultimate goal, which is that a guarantee of origin from Serbia can be found on the common European market of guarantees of origin.