Serbia has some of the best renewable energy resource in Europe

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The aim of the International Trade fair  for renewable sources SOLAR , THERM, BIOMASS Serbia 2013 fair is to promote the use of renewable energy sources (RES) for thermal power generation purposes, pointing to the possibility of economic development, utilization of renewable power in Serbia, with emphasis on the positive impact of using renewable energy to the environment.

Serbia has some of the best renewable energy resource in Europe. Renewable energy sector in Serbia is quite developed, considering the big delay in start due to different reasons. The interest of investors, companies from all over world is increasing for Serbia: for wind, hydro,biomass and solar projects. Companies like Secci Italy, RWE Inoggi Germany, REV Canada and others already came into Serbia and established their market footprint .All bigger projects in RES arena but also a great number of smaller projects are confirming the long lasting competitiveness of Serbia in RES and green energy investments.

Solar radiation in Serbia average is around 40 percent higher than the European average. Annual solar irradiation for the country is approximately 1,400 kWh/m2.

Total Biomass energy potential in Serbia is approximately 2.7 million tons, which is an amount greater than the total oil consumption in agricultural production in Serbia. Of this about 1.7 million tons lies in the remains of agricultural production and about 1 million tons in wood biomass.

Power of all geothermal drillings in Serbia is about 160 MW, whereas 100 MW is being used currently.

Because of its high market potential and surrounding markets in Central and Eastern Europe, professionals have the opportunity of getting a comprehensive overview of the market, which will allow them to present innovations and the latest trends to end consumers later in the year.

ICM International d.o.o. as the organizer of the Fair, in cooperation with the University of Novi Sad as a partner in the project of the European Network of entrepreneurship in the Republic of Serbia, under the Fair organizes International Matchmaking meetings.

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