Serbia: HPP Djerdap 2 achieved record monthly production

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Serbian state-owned power utility EPS announced that its hydropower plant Djerdap 2 has produced 167.72 million kWh of electricity in March, which is the highest monthly production in the history of plant’s operation.

Such high production was mostly influenced by technical readiness of the generators as well as ideal flow of the Danube, which amounted to 6,500 liters of water per second.

Director of HPP Djerdap 2 Sinisa Matovic said that the water inflow is currently slightly decreasing, but expected daily electricity production should be above 5 million kWh, which promises good production results in April as well. He added that the production of HPP Djerdap 2 in the first three months of 2017 is some 8 % above planned for this period.

HPP Djerdap 1 has been introduced into system in 1972. It has six units, with total capacity of 1,203 MW. Both HPPs are run-of-the-river type. HPP Djerdap 2 has been introduced into system in 1987. It has ten 27 MW generators, with total output of 270 MW. Around 70 % of electricity from hydro power plants in Serbia is produced in these two HPPs.