Serbia: HPP “Djerdap 2″Achieved 2014 production plan

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Hydro power plant “Djerdap 2” produced 1.45 billion kilowatt-hours in this year and this year’s plan was realized last week. This is the third power plant within the system of “Djerdap Hydro Power Plants”, which fulfilled the obligations planned for 2014th well before the deadline.

Hydro power plant “Djerdap 2 ” faced many difficulties in their work this year, but thanks to good operational availability and favorable inflow of the Danube, filled this year’s plan 38 days before the calendar year. First of all began the May floods, than September’s flooding when the plant worked with a reduced angle above the water over a longer period. However, the most serious was in September when the water firstly entered the extra power plant, and after a few days there has been a breakdown of the input sheet A-5. All these troubles have not prevented the delivery of the planned amount of electricity.

The production plans have already fulfilled HPP “Pirot ” and HPP” Djerdap 1 ”. On the right track to do so also are Vlasina HPPs, which have produced 227 million kilowatt-hours until this morning.

The largest member, HPP “Djerdap 1 ”, although it worked with the five aggregates, because the sixth one is in the revitalization, this year’s plan has met a month and a half before the deadline. These days, HPP “Djerdap 1” produces about 18 million kilowatt-hours. HPP “Djerdap 2 ” also maximally uses favorable Danube flows, where all preventive maintenance works were performed according to plan with the completion of the equipment modernization, and the winter period is ready waiting for.