Serbia: HPP Djerdap for seven months 70 % of the annual plan

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Company HPP Djerdap for the first seven months of this year produced 4.9 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity, which is 69 percent of the total annual production plan of the Company EPS, which is composed of Djerdap 1, Djerdap 2, HPP Vlasina and HPP Pirot.

“Most deserving” of achieved balance, according to the newspaper kWh, is the largest Serbian hydro power plant “Djerdap 1”, which is the backbone of this company.

That HPP for seven months surpassed production plan by two percent and instead of the planned 3,768 billion kilowatt hours (kWh) produced 3,838 billion kWh.

In this way it has implemented 72 percent of the annual production plan this year, much earlier than last year.

The weakest manufacturing performance had “Djerdap 2”, the only one within the company “HPP Djerdap”, which this year has not been implemented planning obligations.

This hydro power plant last year, which was very dry, was the only one in Serbia and the region that succeeded to realize and even surpass planning obligations.

This year, hydrologically extremely rich, it was forced to cut a good deal of time working with a small decline, which had a negative impact on performance.

So for seven months, instead of the planned one billion kWh produced only 922 million kWh, it actually fell short the implementation of the plan by nearly eight percent.

Source; Serbia Energy/EPS

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