Serbia: HPP Djerdap, Lower flow of water, lower production

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Electricity production of HPP Djerdap 1 is smaller for three per cent for the first ten days, due to a reduced flow of water from the Danube. However, HPP Djerdap 2  records valuable production results, and in the first 3 weeks increased monthly production for 9 percent was achieved.

The reason for reduced production of HPP Djerdap 1 is lower Danube flow of 3,400 cubic meters per second. According to hydrological measurements, that work employed in the dispatch center of our largest hydropower, is projected to reach its significant increase in the next 5 days. As we were informed by Miodrag Savic, head of the dispatch center, the water flow will increase to 3,900 cubic meters per second, and the associated electricity production will reach 12,000 megawatt hours and most likely meet monthly plan. Operational readiness of all units is good, and the fulfillment of the objectives depends only on the hydrological situation.

Vlasina HPP and HPP Pirot achieved 49 percent or 3 percent of the planned production of electricity, because these HPP work solely on account of the dispatch center EPS, since they are operating only in peak periods, when the highest power consumption.

Source; Serbia Energy

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