Serbia: HPP Djerdap production plan for February is fulfilled

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Owing to good operational readiness of the aggregates and favorable hydrological situation, Đerdap 1 fulfilled its monthly production plan of 359 million kWh for February. To this day, our biggest hydropower plant produced 360, 04 million kWh, and continuing of good production is a reason for satisfaction.

According to dynamic plan, electricity production was exceeded by 56%. Current flow of 6.000 cubic meters per second, promises that all records will be beaten when it comes to beginning of the year. Aiming to convert every single drop of water into electricity, the management board of PD “Hidroelektrane Đerdap” is undertaking extraordinary measures so that activities on the revitalization of A5 aggregate would be completed as soon as possible, so it could deliver its first kW hours in the first half of March.

All other power plants in HPP “Đerdap” system exceed their monthly production plans. HPP “Đerdap2” exceeded its monthly production by 35 %, HPP “Vlasina” by 80%. HPP “Pirot”, alias the producer of peak electricity, exceeded this month’s result by 3%, while the annual result was accomplished with a 50% increase.

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