Serbia: HPP „Zvornik“ revitalization

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Large and important project of Hydro power plant “Zvornik” revitalization was successfully continued in mid-May, when turbine for generator no. 1, has been transported, after completing installation, from the mounting hall in the turbine pit.

Turbine is thus connected though turbine cover with existing concreted stator ring, which is, besides stator vanes, the only part of existing generator that will not be replaced during revitalization project.

New Kaplan turbine have five vanes, weights 35 tons, with a diameter 4,85 meters and maximum output power of 31,4 MW. Weighted average efficiency level of new turbine is 92,71 percent.

Within the large project of HPP “Zvornik” revitalization, besides the completion of turbine assembly, so far generator no. 1 is completely dismantled as well as auxiliary systems; construction works on diameter increase of turbine impeller are completed, as well as preparatory construction works in generator star point for new equipment placement. Also, concreted turbine parts are embedded, and a block-transformer of generators 1 and 2 are mounted.

Currently, works on mounting of turbine control equipment, cooling system, compressed air system, generator (stator and rotor mounting), generator voltage equipment and switchgear are in process. Factory Acceptance Test of almost all equipment, except HV and MV equipment, excitation system and part of equipment for system control, is successfully completed.

According to the foreseen dynamics, the completion of entire project of HPP “Zvornik” revitalization is planned for autumn 2019, transmits

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