Serbia: Imbalance netting as a mechanism for regional cooperation and integration of balancing electricity market

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The imbalance netting mechanism is a form of exchange of balancing energy in automatic secondary regulation and is recognized as one of the target models of regional integration of balancing electricity market by the ENTSO-E network balancing code, which is also set to become in the Southeast Europe region countries through the obligations under the Energy Community.

The concept involves central optimization of TSO imbalance in real time in order to minimize counter activation. The economic benefit of this approach is reflected in the reduced amount of activated balancing energy and cost balance at the level of regional balancing electricity market.

The imbalance netting mechanism, practically based on the exchange of unplanned surpluses and deficits of regulation areas in order to prevent the counter balancing energy activation, was successfully implemented by 13 transmission system operators under three regional co-operations in the continental Europe, transmits

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