Serbia improves RES projects business environment, investors with permits must fulfill their obligations says Energy minister

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Investors will remain without permissions if they don’t begin construction of energy objects in certain period of time says energy minister of Serbia Zorana Mihajlovic. New policy for investors is made but for proper investors.

Serbian Ministry of Energy decided to limit a deadline for issuing approvals for investing in energy facilities. Minister Zorana Mihajlovic explained that many investors are prolonging investments in construction of production capacities and similar problem exists in the mining sector, too. Mihajlovic says that hundreds of small HPPs’ construction permissions have been issued and only six of them were actually built.

Therefore, future issued approvals will be withdrawn if investor does not acquire conditions based on construction permission. Investors have complained about administration’s slowness but Resources Ministry formed a sector for quick answering the investors’ questions and the number of required documents for license is decreased from 27 to only 5. Investors won’t wait for licenses 2 years, but not longer than 60 days.

Source Serbia Energy