Serbia, In six months, EPS and Srbijagas launched a new power plant for import

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Only for the import of energy, three key companies – EPS, Srbijagas and NIS, have set aside a total of 2.15 billion euros since October last year, which amounted to almost 90 percent of the demand for foreign exchange of all companies, the central bank said. This year alone, in the first three months, energy “ate” 1.56 billion euros in imports, which is four times more money than in the same period last year.

While the import of oil at low prices may not have been avoided, the situation is different with gas and especially with electricity, which is, by the way, the main culprit for such an unfavorable foreign trade balance. Namely, due to accidents and falling electricity production, gas consumption increased, so reserves were depleted faster than expected, and purchases on the stock exchange have meanwhile drastically increased. At least that is what the management of Srbijagas claimed, Danas reminds.

The problem with electricity is longer. Since the middle of last year, domestic production cannot cover consumption, so energy is procured on the world market at the moment when it is most expensive. Experts agree that this is a consequence of unprofessional management of EPS and point out that the damage will not be able to be repaired for a long time.

Milun Babic, a regular member of the Academy of Engineering Sciences, told Danas that for the money that was unplannedly spent on energy supplies at a time when their prices were highest, a large wind farm, a solid solar power plant or a combined, smaller solar power plant could be built. wind farm. Hectares of combustible plants used for biomass could be planted, and more could be done to include Serbia in the use of “green” hydrogen.

“It was possible to invest in an energy efficiency program, because it is known that in Serbia it consumes seven times more per unit of product than, for example, in Denmark. If consumption were reduced to a European average, it would be a real Eldorado for the country. , because energy efficiency means “warming” of housing units, institutions, schools, all facilities for public use. to pay homage to it, there are the biggest savings, the least investments that pay off the fastest. The ministry started that business, but problems have met them and they are now in a delicate position, they have to answer everything and there is not enough capital for it “- he says Babic, Nova reports.