Serbia: Increase of electricity price next year

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An increase in the price of electricity for household consumers in the amount of 3.4 % as of 1 February 2021 was requested by state-owned power utility EPS and approved by the Council of the Serbian Energy Agency (AERS).

The average price of electricity for customers who have the right to a guaranteed supply at regulated prices (households and small commercial consumers), determined on the basis of the maximum approved income, will amount to 0.061 euros/kWh, without taxes and fees.

Considering that the average electricity bill for households is around 23 euros, the bills in the next year will be higher by less than an euro on average. The statement from the Council said that, even after this correction, the first since November 2019, the price of electricity in Serbia is still significantly lower than the prices in the countries of the region and Europe.

Electricity previously increased in price by 3.9 % on December 1 2019, and before that, the price was increased in October 2017 by 2 %.