Serbia: Is Canadian REV finally starts construction of its HPPs Brodarevo?

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Canadians are finishing preparations for construction of two HPPs on Lim near Brodarevo. Approval of Environmental Study has arrived. They are waiting on construction license.

Canadian Company “Reservoir Capital” from Toronto and subsidiary company to “REV” from Belgrade stated that they got positive opinion from Ministry of Energy, Development and Environmental Protection about Study of Construction Environmental Influence of Lim’s HPPs near Brodarevo. This approval opens doors for them with other solutions and they will get construction approval in two or three months.

Canadians had begun preparation of technical documentation three years ago and they got energy license from the state to invest 146 million EUR in the construction of two HPPs, 59 MW strong which will produce 230 GWHs of electricity annually, a year later. However, damming a river met many disputations.

-Study of Environmental Influence showed that two small lakes in the canyon that can keep average two days’ of Lim’s flow with branches from Junakovina and Lucica that are 23 and 28m high won’t change ecology- Miles Thompson, President of Canadian Company’s Managing Board, states for Novosti.

-Construction of two facilities won’t influence the climate significantly, there are no drastic changes of regional geomorphology and influence on eco is minimal-

-System of Lim River. Brodarevo Lake won’t sink a meter of Montenegrin territory.

Thompson reminds that all projects from Belgrade’s “Energoprojekt” mostly were made in accordance with laws and international standards with revisions of well-known companies. On the other side, this currently biggest investment in Serbia in renewable energy sources will be stimulation to economic development of Prijepolje region, to tourism most of all.

-15 million EUR has been invested in research, projects, land buyout and other preparation work. Serbian Government gives us a support and solution of property relations to “Srbijasume” is in progress and if other jobs develop according to the plan, first works will begin in autumn when river’s stage falls- President of the Company “Reservoir Capital” announces. –Lim’s flow in Lucice will be turned at first, then tunnel “Junakovine” will be constructed, then dams, road, transmission line for Sjenica with participation of thousand constructors.

Road and tunnels

-Two lakes will sink two sectors of national road Prijepolje- Bijelo Polje in Lim’s canyon- Zeljko Ciric, project coordinator says. Two tunnels, 7,5km long, will be made on the new road: Junakovine (2.450m) and Brusovnik (1.390m).

Source; Agencies/ Novosti/Serbia Energy