Serbia: Joint cross border capacity auctions with MAVIR and TRANSELECTRICA

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Energy Agency of the Republic of Serbia (AERS) gave approval to “Elektromreza Serbia” (EMS) for the rules of the allocation of cross-border transmission capacities for 2014, according to a regulatory body.

EMS, as operator of the electricity transmission system in Serbia is responsible for organizing the annual, monthly, weekly and daily procedures for the allocation of 50% of the available cross-border transmission capacity to all borders of their control area, except on the borders where they organized joint auctions.

AERS Council, at its session today, gave consent to EMS and to Agreements with the operators of the transmission systems of Hungary (MAVIR) and Romania (Transelektrika) about procedure and manner of distribution of rights to use cross-border capacities and access to cross-border transmission capacity for 2014.

By organizing these joint auctions, a more effective use of cross-border capacities is being provided, in line with European directives, the statement said.

This framework provides a transparent procedure for the allocation of cross-border capacities between control areas of transmission operators, and it is of great importance for the regulation of trade and development of the electricity market in South East Europe.

On the website of EMS, in addition to the adopted rules, also guidelines are set, the forms required for participation in the auction and information about the results of the conducted auctions.

Source; Serbia Energy

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