Serbia: KfW financed EPS power utility HPP Zvornik revitalization project status

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Final works on the main electrical and mechanical equipment installation are in progress.

In the HPP “Zvornik”, in the context of the revitalization of the first unit, final turbine works were performed in August, as well as verification of turbine and generator shafts. Complete installation is performed, as well as testing of the generator stator.

The generator rotor is fully pre-assembled, and ready for installation on a generator shaft in generator housing area. Final works are in progress, on the installation of pipeline turbine regulation systems, cooling water system and compressed air. In addition, the assembly of generator voltage equipment, switchyard equipment and management equipment, are carried out as scheduled.

According to the works schedule, the beginning of testing, prior to the commissioning of generator A1 is scheduled for October, 8. After these tests, following tests are upon unit commissioning. If they are successful, trial operation, of unit A1 is followed, in period of 30 days.

Turbine runner for unit 2 is successfully accepted. Final factory acceptance of electrical and mechanical equipment for unit 2 are in progress.

Once the first aggregate, to be revitalized, is stopped, there is a complete dismantling of the main electrical – mechanical equipment, construction works to increase the diameter of the turbine runner, installation of new set in concrete parts (lower ring of the vicket gate, turbine runner casing and vertical casing of the draft tube with draft tube door), and new equipment installation (turbines, turbine regulator, cooling water system, compressed air system, the generator excitation system, generator voltage equipment, unit-transformer, switchyard 110 kV equipment, aggregate management and protection system).

After a successful trial operation, there is takeover of the unit 1, when according to the contract conditions are provided for stopping of unit 2, and the beginning of the revitalization of that unit.

So far, most of the equipment for unit 2 is successfully received in manufacturer’s factories. Delivery of the equipment from home land and abroad, is carried out without any problems, and according to the schedule, required by the conditions at the construction site.


In addition to this project, which is financed by KfW, simultaneously, EPS independently finances other projects on the rehabilitation of the HPP “Zvornik”. It is the system of own consumption, hydro mechanical equipment, and drainage systems of HPP “Zvornik”.