Serbia: Kolubara Metal to merge with Kolubara mining basin

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Director of the Mining Basin “Kolubara” Milorad Grčić, with his associates, has been today on a working visit to employees in the production plants “Kolubara Metal” in Vreoci.

As pointed out Milorad Grčić, director of MB “Kolubara”, the separate company “Kolubara Metal” is technically and personnelly best equipped metal company in Serbia and absolutely qualified for all overhauls types of excavators and production systems in a osurface mining system. On this occasion, he announced that, at least for a few weeks, “Kolubara Metal” would be re-integrated into MB “Kolubara” as a branch.

-After the assessment and analysis of the situation, and also with insight into the possibilities, capacities and potentials of “Kolubara Metal” , it is clear why they were wishes to privatize “Metal”,  and therefore the MB “Kolubara” and the serbian electric power industry to operate harder – said Grčic and expressed satisfaction with his participation in the project of returning “Kolubara Metal” in the system of MB “Kolubara”, which will provide stability and continuity of coal production and electricity in Serbia.

Dragan Jovanović, director of “Kolubara Metal” thanked to the management representatives and to  trade unions of the MB “Kolubara” for the visit, and on this occasion pointed out thanks to the director, Milorad Grčić, on great merits and engagement in the return of “Metal” in the electricity system.

On this occasion, Jovanović announced that all permanent employees in  “Metal”, after the merger, will be workers of “Kolubara”.

“Kolubara Metal “is a company of vital importance to the  MB ” Kolubara “, the largest coal producer in the serbian electric power industry. From the coal that MB “Kolubara” products for the serbian energy system, is produced almost 55 percent of electricity in the state, which makes MB “Kolubara” the backbone of the national energy security.

In the system of electricity production in Serbia, “Kolubara Metal” is an important segment, as the carrier of the maintenance works of mining equipment, which ensures efficiency and stability of coal production in open mines.

The decision of “Kolubara Metal” merger to his founder, MB “Kolubara”, it was based on a comprehensive consideration of ” Kolubara Metal” business and status and of  importance of this company for MB “Kolubara”, and for  EPS. With joint work of MB “Kolubara”, representatives, “Kolubara Metal”, trade unions, EPS and the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Serbia, after several months of intense engagement, once again “Kolubara Metal” becomes part of the MB “Kolubara”.