Serbia: Kolubara mining company, improving cooperation with companies from Krusevac

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Milorad Grcic, director of the Mining Basin “Kolubara”, visited Krusevac and three companies at Krusevac territory that cooperate with MB “Kolubara”. After meeting with Bratislav Gasic, Mayor of Krusevac, director of “Kolubara” spoke with management and staff representatives in drives of IMK “14. October” of Krusevac “Heating Plant” and Factory “FAM”.

During the visit to Krusevac “Heating plant”, Bratislav Gasic and representatives of “Heating plant” thanked the “Kolubara” management on rescheduling the foreign debt, which enabled them to secure the stability of the heating season for the citizens of Krusevac. The mayor pointed out that the local government with the help of MB “Kolubara” and the Government of the Republic of Serbia successfully annulled the inherited problems in business of “Heating plant”, and improvement of cooperation would ensure the staff employment in these companies.

– It was hard, but by joint efforts, we managed to find a way to solve the debts problem of “Heating plant” in the legal framework so that citizens from Krusevac do not suffer consequences- said Grcic.

During the tour of IMK “14. October”, the company that produces machinery for construction, mining and agriculture, Grcic met with high company potentials, and it was proposed to increase the cooperation volume between “Kolubara” and “14 October”.  Part of the production equipment for Second ECS system in the Kolubara mine “Tamnava West Field “, in agreement with the “Kolubara metal”, and as subcontractor of German “Krupp”, was made ​​up in drives of “14. October “. In previous years, this equipment from this factory has played an important role in the safety of production process at open- pit mines of” Kolubara”. Grcic has also toured the drives of Factory of lubricants “FAM”, a leading Serbian producer of lubricants and the only significant exporter of lubricants in ten European countries.

Source; Serbia Energy