Serbia: Kostolac TPP power gen report, Stable electricity production

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From the beginning to the end of January “Kostolac” power plants delivered about 486 267 MWh of electricity to the Serbian power system. The units of thermal power plant “Kostolac A” produced about 181 935 MW by 30th January. According to Radovan Bogdanovic, director of the plant, units A1 and A2 carry out work with great efforts of workers in the manufacturing and maintenance:

– Households in Kostolac, Pozarevac and surrounding areas are heated thanks to stable heat supply from Thermal power plant “Kostolac A”, said director Bogdanovic. Units of TPP “Kostolac A” in the previous year had achieved production on the transfer verge of 1,983,421 MWh of electricity, which is the second largest production in the service life of these plants, said the director Radovan Bogdanovic.  – Simultaneously 3060000 MWht of heat was produced and delivered from these units, in accordance with the needs of consumption. This is certainly a respectable result, although the production plan was achieved with 95 percent of the ambitious plan, but it should be noted that the favorable hydrological conditions during last year caused frequent units engaging at the technical minimum, and ten- day’s suppression of unitA2 of capacity of 210 megawatts in cold reservein early May.

It is planned to do major overhaul of unit A1during this year, the first after the revitalization that has been done 2007th. Overhaul of unitA1 is scheduled in the period from 1stJulyto 31stAugust. Overhaul of unitA2 is planned to start on 10th July, should take thirty days and will be of standard size, since the major overhaul of thisunit is planned for the future: – Units in TPP “Kostolac A ” record notableresults in the last six or seven years and it is essentialthe resources and time to adapt to that extent in order to work in the zone of maximum technical opportunities. Director of the Thermal power plant “Kostolac B ” , Dragan Zivic says that the low temperature in recent days does not endanger the work of thermal units:- Units operate at full power without significant problems . Revitalized unit B2 continues to maintain a high level of production of 351 megawatts, while non-revitalized unit B1 works with 325 megawatts. We do our best to make the production process run continuously, andeventual interruptions to correct efficiently and quickly.

Source; Serbia Energy

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