Serbia: Kovacica wind farm to be officially inaugurated on 19 September

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Kovacica wind farm, with installed capacity of 104.5 MW, is the first large-scale wind farm built in Serbia. The facility entered commercial operation in mid-July and it will be officially inaugurated on 19 September.

The wind farm it has acquired the status of privileged producer in Serbia and is selling produced electricity to power utility EPS at preferential prices. Enlight estimates that the project will generate revenues of about 28 million euros per year from the sale of electricity throughout the 12-year period. After its expiry, the produced electricity will be sold under market conditions, generating an annual revenues of 20 million euros.

In September 2017, Enlight Renewable Energy took over one of the largest wind farms in Serbia – 104.5 MW Kovacica wind farm. The total worth of the project is 189 million euros, loans will cover 142 million euros, while the rest will be provided by Enlight itself. In November, the company announced that it has signed an agreement with General Electric (GE) Renewable Energy on the delivery of 38 wind turbines. GE Renewable Energy will deliver 38 model 2.75-120 wind turbines, which are 110 meters high, ideal for midrange winds in this part of Serbia. The two companies have also signed a 15-year full service agreement for Kovacica wind farm.

The project for the construction of Kovacica wind farm was previously developed by Electrawinds Kwind, a special purpose vehicle established for the purpose of the construction of this wind farm, owned by local company Solaveris Limited and Israeli Enlight Renewable Energy.