Serbia, Lack of coal prevents the operation of all EPS’ thermal units

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The representatives of state-owned power utility EPS said at the latest session of the working group for monitoring the security of supply of energy and energy sources that the current rate of the inflow of coal does not allow for the deployment of all thermal blocks, and it is expected that in the upcoming period as well it will be necessary to secure additional amounts of electricity from import.

The resources and the transport of additional quantities of mazut, as well as projections for March, regarding the supply of coal and the production of electricity at coal-fired power plants, as well as the need for a more detailed analysis of the scenarios for the second quarter of 2022, when regular overhauls in the coal sector are expected, were also discussed at the session.

According to Elektrodistribucija Srbije (EDS), the electricity distribution system is stable, and shorter power cuts are down to the planned works. The transmission system also functions without major problems.

At the session, it was concluded that the gas market in Serbia is stable, because there are supplies from two directions.