Serbia: Local power stock market on its way

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Serbia established a local stock market of electricity, which will be called SEPEKS, in which the French partner company Epeks spot (Epexa spot) will have a 25 percent stake, while 75 percent of Serbian Electrktomreza, announced the director of the TSO grid public company Nikola Petrovic.

– The government has approved the establishment of stock exchanges. It will establish, together with the French company because it has extensive experience in the sale of electricity – said Petrovic stating that Epeks keeps the markets of France and Germany.

He said that the formation of the company is planning for the third quarter of this year, and full functionality is expected in the first quarter of 2015.

– After the forming we expect to merge with neighboring markets in the region. That will probably happen in the third quarter of 2015 year – added Petrovic.

Source; Serbia Energy

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