Serbia: Market liberalization and power market, Third Energy Package completely from 2015

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New Serbian Energy Law shall be adopted in the first semester of 2014.

Serbia needs to start using the Third Energy Package completely from 2015 i.e. new European laws in energy area and preparations for Energy Law Adjustment are in progress, Energy Agency AERS spokesman confirmed for Serbia Energy.

AERS said that Serbia is not delaying with EU legislative adjustment at the moment. Separation of electricity supply and distribution has not changed anything for households crucially. Households will pay electricity within network and electricity fees like they have been doing so far. Those two activities are separated, partly because of EU rules adjustment, but the main reason is establishment of functional free market.

The new Energy Law should be adopted in the first half of 2014. There are more than 60 registered electricity suppliers at Serbian market and 27 of them is active. AERS explained that nothing will be changed for households and small buyers included with public service which are EPS Supply company responsibility.

Serbian power utility company EPS Supply “EPS Snadbevanje will pay network fee i.e. distribution and transfer, the part that refers to the network use will be paid by buyer’s paying to network owner and plants for energy provision”, she said. Bill includes small supplier’s expense which refers to rent of space, equipment and people, as well as compensation fee to the supplier for obligation of energy buyout from renewable energy sources.

Source; Serbia Energy