Serbia mining: 18MEUR new escavator contracted to Krupp, erection on time in Kolubara mine basin company

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On the prefabricated site in Kalenic, the turntable heavy 118 tons was built on under construction of the wheel excavator in assembly 740 L. The “Metal” employees at the site, the main subcontractor German “Krupp”, this work was done with the help of four cranes, two of 60, and two other of 100 tons.

The turntable for a new wheel excavator, which will be given in use to mine “Tamnava- West field” during next year, arrived on the plot in early July from the three parts that were welded, from the “Metal” production facilities.

According Goran Kojovic, site head, operation on the pole has started. One part was welded and welding of parts two and three has started, which will be completed early next week. Until the completion of this work it will be worked on for 12 hours.

Before pole lifting it is a considerable number of works on the platform, and there is lack of some elements that must be installed. The pole assembly is underway and lifting is expected soon.

So far, on the excavator, which is financed by the EPS funds and whose value is 18.7 MEUR, has been mounted 30 percent, and 10 percent of equipment is in the preparation.

“Metal” is technically and staffed best-equipped metal company in the country and the region, and the work quality on the installation of this excavator is another indication of the importance of “Metal” return under the auspices of MB “Kolubara”.  By “Metal” return is practically enabled the continuation of the company  work, as well as the stability and continuity of production in Kolubara  open pit mines, which guarantees the safety of coal and electricity production.

Source: RBK

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