Serbia mining: Bor Copper Mines generated revenues of EUR 6.2 million – The expected production of 28,000 tons of copper in 2017.

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11.5 million tons of ore have been excavated in Bor Copper Mines (Veliki Krivelj, Cerovo and Jama) from January to December 20, 2016 which is 95.5% of the plan. At the same time 11.7 million tons of overburden has been removed or 60.4% of the plan. 11.7 million tons of ore was processed through flotation and 156,107 tons of wet concentrate with 25,353 tons of copper was produced, which is 92.6% of the planned amount.

According to the Manager Nebojsa Videnovic, Bor Copper Mines achieved a positive operating result of EUR 6.2 million (without depreciation).

– Based on the positive change in price of copper in December, we expect revenue growth – says Videnovic.
On the open pit mine Veliki Krivelj, the largest coal mine in the basin, the excavations were carried out last year on the so-called current area, in the northwest and west part of the open pit mine.

9.37 million tons of ore with 25,737 tons of copper have been excavated in it by December 20. According to the annual plan target was slightly more than 10 million tons, and the achievement index is  93%, but owing to better mean metal content than planned (8.7%) a plan of copper in ore has been transferred (by one percent). At the same time, 11.2 million tons of overburden has been removed, which is 58.7% of the planned amount (19.175 million tons).

– This year’s deposit stripping delay, largely in the west area of the pit mine is close to eight million tons of tailings. The main cause is poor availability of trucks and operation of the transport system for tailings with one crusher, although it is planned to operate with two crushers throughout the year. In 2017 we will try to increase the availability of equipment, so we expect to meet the plan of stripping the deposits – explains Videnovic.

The Manager of Bor Copper Mines says that it is planned to produce of 27,994 tons of copper in concentrate in 2017.

To achieve this goal it is necessary to comply with the planned technological and economic factors in all facilities. It is necessary that mining equipment is available according to the plan and has maximum utilization, to realize planned utilization in flotations as well, to intensify preparatory works in Jama mine for the opening of deposit Borska reka and to increase production of wet ore to 900,000 tons. Of course, the tendency of reduction in production costs will be continued next year – said Nebojsa Videnovic.

Mining equipment on pit mines Veliki Krivelj and Cerovo (three drills, five excavators, 14 dumpers, three bulldozers, two graders) enters its seventh year of operation. Credovo 1 deposit is at the end of its reserves and the opening of the Cerovo 2 mine has been put off due to property- legal issues.

In Cerovo 1 mine 1.6 million tons of ore has been excavated this year and 472,725 tons of overburden has been exported (the plan was 1.366 million tons of ore and 240,000 tons of overburden).
– 18% more ore was excavated because as of October the expansion of this mine has started which will continue until June next year. The first ore from Cerovo 2 mine is expected in August 2017. In the Krivelj flotation 1.76 million tons of Cerovo ore was processed and 2,656 tons of copper concentrate was produced, which is two percent more than planned. Average copper content in the ore was 81.6% of the planned – explains Videnovic.

While the Cerovo mine is waiting for the completion, in recent months the Krivelj flotation has been recording the best results in the last 15 years after the reconstruction and interventions on the mills.

When it comes to Bor flotation plant, Videnovic says that last year it processed nearly 492,000 tons of wet ore and 476,000 of dry ore with 0.8% of average copper content (slightly better than planned) and obtained 3,361 tons of copper concentrate, with utilization of 87.3% and significant savings to all relevant standards.