Serbia mining: Coal and TPPs produce 70% of electricity, Kolubara mines prepares for modernization and investment cycle in new 700MEUR Radljevo project

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Serbian energy balance is primarily managed by thermal power plants producing almost 70% of electricity coming from lignite coal. Biggest coal mine Kolubara prepares for modernization and investment cycle. One of the most important investment in the future in Serbia will be opening of the lignite coal open pit mine “Radljevo” in the Kolubara coal basin, said Igor Smiljkovic, deputy director for commercial affairs in MB “Kolubara”, during presentation on the Third International Conference on the Mineral resources.

– Mining works on the open pit mine “Radljevo” will begin in 2014. and will last by 2040. The initial coal production will be five million tons, while the maximum quantity should amount to 13 million tons on the annual level. The value of the whole investment is about 700 MEUR, and it is planned to dig up near 355 million tons of coal- said Smiljkovic during the presentation of the future mine.

Speaking on the work dynamics Smiljkovic pointed out that for the 2014th was planned beginning of auxiliary dragline excavators work and starting draining and households’ relocation that are in the territory of Ub. At the end of next year the overburden system will be put into operation.

To the Third International Conference on the Mineral resources “The driving force of economic development” attended a Roman Waschuk, Canada’s ambassador, Pekka Orpana, Ambassador of Finland, the management representatives of domestic and foreign mining companies, ministries and a number of experts in the field of mining.

On the conference was discussed on the mining sector contribution to the economic recovery and the overall development of Serbia, the new policy of the Serbian Government in the mining sector, the country’s mineral wealth and new projects, as well as the funds availability to finance mining projects.

The mining basin “Kolubara” takes a very important place in the plans for the mining development as the largest coal producer in Serbia, on whose basis is produced about 52 percent of the country’s electricity. In the coming years MB “Kolubara”, with investment in the opening of new open pits mines will remain the stability holder of the state electric power system.

Source; Serbia Energy

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