Serbia mining: Coal homogenization project, Mibrag and RWE manage the training in Mining Basin Kolubara

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The training plan is prepared by the consultants from the German mines “Mibrag” and RWE, in accordance with the requirements of KfW Bank, which funds a part of this project. Special focus will be aimed at the “Environmental Management System”.

Within the project “Environmental protection and enhancement in Kolubara coal basin”, worth 182 million euros, the second round of training for the Project C (procurement and installation of the equipment for coal quality management) has commenced. The training plan is prepared by the consultants from the German mines “Mibrag” and RWE, in accordance with the requirement of KfW Bank, which funds a part of the project. It is envisaged to hold 30 trainings during 122 days.

The topics of the second part of the training are computer modelling and modelling of the mine, coal deposits and simulation system for coal quality management. It is anticipated that Mr. Brown, PhD, a consultant of RWE, holds a lecture on the topic “Planning the mine operation”. Analysis and modelling of the process , according to the plan of the representatives of EPS and consultants, is defined for the senior management. A special topic will be “System for Environmental Management”.

One of the main topics of the second part of the training is the stockpile as part of the complex system for the coal quality management.

– In addition to the transport system, the stockpile is becoming increasingly important in order to cover all inconsistencies in coal quality. The use of the stockpile is modernized in the European practice as well. As mine “Tamnava –West Field” progresses toward the South, the role of the stockpile will be more important. This means that large quantities of coal, even up to 90% as estimated, will be transferred to the stockpile, where the homogenization will be performed, and then the loading – explains Mr. Dinko Knezevic, PhD, the professor at the Faculty of Mining and Geology and one of the speakers at the training.

The stockpile, anticipated by the future systems for coal homogenization, will be new, small stockpiles where the coal will be kept for a week. They will not be used for maintaining of the capacity, but only for quality homogenization.

– The more the coal quality is inconsistent, the harder it is to establish the regular conditions in the exploitation system. It is very important to understand well the new role of the stockpile, since it is fundamentally being changed now. Currently, there is a large stockpile, which is a reservoir and supplies the power plant when the mine does not operate. The new stockpile will be of circulating type, and keeping the coal will be three times shorter then at the existing stockpile – says Mr. Knezevic.

According to him, the participants already function smoothly after the spring training and they have gained the significant new experience. They went through the workshops related to the geological bases formation and the use of geological research paper for mining exploitation, planning of the open pit mines, i.e. the planning of the bucket-wheel excavator work in the function of homogenization.

– During the following lecture, the knowledge will be united in a well-established system, which means that we have a mine, conveyors and the stockpile, and that all is directed at fulfilling the obligation that coal of agreed quality goes toward the thermal power plant. Thus, the coal is not what we have excavated that day, but it becomes goods with a declaration- explains Mr. Knezevic.

The experts of MB “Kolubara” attending the training are experienced engineers, technicians and geologists. According to Mr. Dragan Jankovic, a coordinator for the coal quality at the OPM “Tamnava –West Field”, the concept of homogenization will facilitate the quality homogenization of the coal which MB “Kolubara” delivers.

– This is a favorable solution for the thermal power plants, since it will allow the greater utilization of coal. Therefore, it will be a better exploitation of our deposits, considering that this system will provide a greater amount of useful ore. Management will be risen to a higher level, the input data will be more accurate and there will be higher possibility of influencing the quality coal when determining the operation technology. In addition, this system will facilitate the work. When a good preparation of the software is performed, the opportunities for error and dependence on human evaluation on the spot are reduced. On the other hand, a higher system of technological discipline is required or observing the prescribed procedures – says Mr. Jankovic.

The homogenization system will contribute to the rational use of coal as a non-renewable natural resource. According to the estimates, a million ton of lignite, which does not have high calorific value, could be utilized. In addition, homogenization leads to a secure supply of power plant with the coal of homogeneous quality and reduction of hazardous emissions.

Minor deadline extension

First part of the training for coal quality management was successfully completed in July, with a minor extension of the deadline due to the flooding. The second part has started in October and it is scheduled to last until March 2015.

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