Serbia: Mining companies are obliged to process minerals in Serbia, no export allowed

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Serbia will not allow export of jadarite and other precious metals and minerals, which are of strategic importance for the development of the country , said Minister Milan Bacevic. He said , the mining companies would be conditioned to process the minerals themselves, adopt a new technology and hire more people.

Ministry of Natural Resources, Mining and Spatial Planning in Loznica  is situated in vicinity of a mining company Rio Tinto that conducts research of  kryptonite from which Li is created, announced  to all users of these natural resources , including Rio Tinto , that will be set conditions  if they commence with the exploitation of mineral resources and  they need to bring their technologies here.

“Before that, we should open mines, certificated reserves” said Bacević in  Loznica and reiterated that it is necessary that the factory , which will be processing jadarite have their base in Serbia, and need to employ  our people .

It will help our national budget, the  local budgets will be fulfill , more quality and better the State Budget, and Loznica region will drastically reduce the number of unemployed, added Bačevic .

“With great optimism we expect next day, because so far, the results of the geological survey  seem very encouraging ” the minister added.

He stressed that in the Strategy for the Development of Mining and Geology Serbia , kryptonite is  classified in the group of strategic minerals and raw materials. Bacević pointed out that the area around  LOZNICA  ” God gave you an abundance of natural recourses, of the best quality, too ” and pointed out that because of that  there are conditions for the opening of new mines, of which the local government would have 40 per cent of total revenues from mining rents, which would significantly improve local budget .

Source; Serbia Energy